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Exotic treatments from all around the world such as Chinese, Ayurveda, Balinese, Eastern, Turkish cures and rituals. Due to our varicosity of treatments you will definitely find the one that would suit you. You can also profit from the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, which is an intense salinity.


Massage and Body Care

Premier Solto Hotel offers you a huge varicosity of massages. From one hour Swedish and aromatherapy to half an hour or two of vital oils massages, and even double masseuse team practicing Ayurveda rituals. The treatments include reflexology, shiatsu, Thai, Hawaiian and Bali massages. For the pregnant women, women who recently gave birth or youngest among us aged between 13 and 19 we have special treatments.


Based on the traditional Turkish bathing ritual, this treatment is refreshment for your body, soul and spirit. The ritual which is being applied on the special marbled area of our spa is also a good preparation and support for tanning. The handling which can also diversified with the addition of a mineral mud bath, is finished with a special tea ritual.


The sauna is a perfect place to rest and relax. A correct and regular use of the sauna regulates the respiratory and cardiovascular system in a stress-free way. Sauna sessions also provide strength to your body to protect you against diseases.